New Logo, Stickers & 3 Day Weekend!!

Hey everyone I've been pretty busy in a number of things. As always moving forward in Reaching my Dreams and helping Inspire others to Reach theirs. 

I'm looking forward to this three day weekend, this will allow me to get more work posted for you to see.

I designed a new Logo last night. I'll be making decals with a similar image tonight.  I'll also be setting up a store page for the selling of these stickers. They are not just for getting my name out. Proceeds from the stickers will support events and giveaways for local kids. 

More important than chasing that mighty dollar is my Heart for community and the young souls that look up to us in their journey for direction. With the world getting darker, I see less and less Positive Influence for the future generations that we Impact daily. Our actions are being watched by those who surround us and I strive to be a Positive figure.

Being human leaves me to daily failures and having the accountability of good people helps. I branch out in many directions and in each find fruitful return.

Some fruit for thought; Victory Skate as in the name have a passion for the skate community. Check them out on Instagram. 321 Reach provides photos and so can local enthusiast like you.

Check them out @