Two Hearts Join as One...

I had the Honor of joining the family and friends of the now Mr. & Mrs. Laster this past Saturday at the Kenmore Inn. As I captured the memories of this joyful union and witnessed much love for this newly-wed couple. Thank you Kenmore staff in hosting a wonderful event.


Preserving Life

So many people overlook the value of a photo. The images we capture is a point in history we will never see again as it has past on and in most cases forgotten.

Most of our images are captured on a phone these days. Some of these images make it to social media, maybe shared with some friends but most are lost.

Whether you take images with a i-phone or a high dollar DSLR type device the importance is the story behind the image. Every image is truly an Once in a Lifetime event and so are opportunities such as this video behind the link below.

National Geographic Photo Submissions.

National Geographic as a child was my one dream job that would bring together all of which I love; art, photography, wildlife, and amazing places. 

With life dreams can sometimes seems so far away. Even though I do not work for National Geographic, I have had many chances  to capture many memories in places outside of my home town. Im always thankful for the amazing opportunities God has brought to me. I am also excited that National Geographic also brings opportunities for people to submit to their site.

Check out my submission for the Assignment

"Embrace the Untamed"

"The Animals we Love"

Follow this assignment and other photographers submissions at

If you submit your own send me a link and I'll share with others.

Photoshop Delete can make us Beautiful?

As an artist attention to detail is what makes me enjoy what I do. In the details the pages of our lives are laid out. Scars and wrinkles, a table of contents of what you'll find just under neath the cover.

The hardest part of telling the story of a person with an image is the subject is always looking to edit these away. What has been taught to us as being beautiful in magazines, internet photos, and TV takes away the authenticity of life.

Our defects are marks of beauty that we and the world should embrace. 

Memorial Day and the Future of Our Country

While Memorial Day is to  remember those you have sacrificed their lives, lets also those who currently serve. God Be with All.

Also remember our youth, these could be the future faces of our Freedom Protectors. The images we capture are moments in time frozen and we will never see them again in the exact way.

Two up an coming stars? Never know but definitely seemed to enjoy their time today. Way to go!

New Products / Wifi Enabled and 90Mb Write Speed with SanDisk Extreme Pro

Take pictures with my camera using my camera phone?? hmmm...

 Nikon WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter : this along with a free app either for Apple or Android devices allows the user to remotely view and control your camera from your phone. I can access photos from my camera, put them straight into an email, or store on the cloud. For those just curious of what I see through my camera, you can hold my phone and see instantly the images captured. Just so many options to tinker with and have Fun.

With Great Power comes Great Question-ability....

With a jump to 30mb files from all those beautiful 24 mega pixels, it was time to upgrade my storage. Now a tip for those looking for memory cards. The card companies always advertise the Highest Read Speed capable of any card. This number illustrates the time it takes for your PC to see your files. Most Write Speeds are substantially Lower than this read speed. The Write Speed is Most Important and can also be Misleading as advertised without reading the small print

Write Speed is also advertised the highest ability that your PC can write to the card. You cameras write speed on the other hand, varies from model to model.

Make Sure you find the write specifications of your camera and the card itself before purchasing. This will ensure you get the most of your cameras capability. You do not want to undercut your cameras ability but at the same time you do not want to spend money on something that has a specification that greatly surpasses your cameras ability. If your camera can not take advantage of the higher speeds than in my opinion would just be a waste of money to purchase something greater.

Personal Example..

In my case most of my images are around 30Mb. So my original card I figured  I should be ok with what I thought had 30Mb of write speed. I was Wrong, and I hope my experiences will help you.

I always bought the cards that advertised 30Mb never knowing what it really meant. I just knew it made a huge difference in my older camera when I had started using them. I also took into account the reliability the cards had and I'd just buy more for my new buddy especially with the price drops. 

Lessons Learned...

Manufacturers Advertise the Highest Read Speed of any given card. Very few companies consistently give the Write Speeds unless they are extremely high and use this to promote the product. I have seen the same manufacturer give read/write speed on one model of storage and not another. They would simply advertise the read and in later print say the write speeds are lower.

Most cards I have found on average tend to write about half the speed of the read specifications. There are cards that can do both pretty equal so look for those as I have done.

This is the card I purchased as you will see can write 90Mb and read 95Mb. My camera can write up to 99Mb.


New Logo, Stickers & 3 Day Weekend!!

Hey everyone I've been pretty busy in a number of things. As always moving forward in Reaching my Dreams and helping Inspire others to Reach theirs. 

I'm looking forward to this three day weekend, this will allow me to get more work posted for you to see.

I designed a new Logo last night. I'll be making decals with a similar image tonight.  I'll also be setting up a store page for the selling of these stickers. They are not just for getting my name out. Proceeds from the stickers will support events and giveaways for local kids. 

More important than chasing that mighty dollar is my Heart for community and the young souls that look up to us in their journey for direction. With the world getting darker, I see less and less Positive Influence for the future generations that we Impact daily. Our actions are being watched by those who surround us and I strive to be a Positive figure.

Being human leaves me to daily failures and having the accountability of good people helps. I branch out in many directions and in each find fruitful return.

Some fruit for thought; Victory Skate as in the name have a passion for the skate community. Check them out on Instagram. 321 Reach provides photos and so can local enthusiast like you.

Check them out @

Found Your Image on 321 Reach?

If you ever come across me taking photos feel free to request my services.

I hope any images you find on my web page help Inspire you to do more of what you Love.

For anyone involved and have pictures posted, contact me. I will send you any images I have at no cost to you. These will be a decent size resolution for sharing with family and friends.

At a Cost I will provide High Resolution images and also Prints. Stay posted as I will be providing a price list for the different options.  For those on Instagram follow Mike here as he posts skate videos and pics submitted from locals.

Welcome to Brooks Park!! Fredericksburg Virginia

High flying, tail grabbing, kick flipping goodness. The guys at Brooks Park, young and old hitting the skate park for many hours of awesome action. For those visiting the site for the first time check these guys under Sidewalk Surfing and for those who were part of it all contact me for your images. For those that were part of the experience these will be free to you to share. Tell your Friends lets get some Great Images during the next event.  Keep up the great work!!